Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guerilla Chef - The One Where I Realize I Don't Eat Much Food

Yesterday, I ended up having some cold cereal for breakfast and the Mexican casserole for lunch. For dinner, I had an event to attend and some Ethiopian food to warm my varietal heart.

Today, I revisited the cold cereal breakfast - convenience is king. For lunch, I had... the rest of the Mexican dish. For dinner, I had the last of the tuna salad in the guise of a tuna melt and then followed it up with a kind of pizza toast: tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni and a little red pepper.

Basically, it occurred to me that part of the reason I have trouble using up groceries is because I just don't eat that much food. This means that I should buy smaller quantities and versatile ingredients to make sure turnover keeps up.

Tomorrow I already know I'm craving thai. I almost caved tonight but the tuna melt and a lack of restaurant reading material lured me home. My weapons of choice include green curry, pad thai, and any kind of roll - fried or fresh, but the truth is I will eat absolutely any thai food served to me with gusto. I've convinced myself I will be able to make a decent green curry if I pick up a chicken breast and some green peas, but my favorite restaurant is calling my name.

After work I got my monthly insured massage. I currently feel like a puddle...

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