Friday, January 30, 2009

Airline Tickets - Booked

I have a secret air transit hook-up, if I told you I might have to kill you, so let's dispense with that possibility. However, to celebrate my covert ticket booking, here's what you might not know:

-agents have access to unlisted fares. This means: not on the internet. It's worth the comparison for anything international. My ticket is $200 less than the best online option (This is actually not as well as I expected to do - sometimes it gets about $400 to $500 less!)

-Talking to someone who specializes in flights to the area I'm going about dates: leaving two days earlier than planned saved me about $200, just missing the "high season" push, which is certainly not advertised widely and difficult to discern without searching several dates in a span

I'm just happy to have that amount settled, although it looks like my cash-only plan for next month may be shelved to make sure I have enough in my account to pay for this thing near the end of the month when my statement comes due...

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