Monday, May 25, 2009

Fortuna Finds... a job

Wickedly long hiatus for the purposes of nailing down my next contract. The truth is, another is likely to follow as I shape up and ship out for three months of international off the grid ocean faring life.

I could tell it like some blogs I read and say I simply charted a course and made it happen. The truth is, it was pretty anxiety inducing. I'd negated to work on much of a Plan B and it was getting down to the wire: would I have something lined up for when I got home? Should I be looking in another city? Would the unresolved status of things compromise my professional reputation?

Soul searching and complaining to close friends commenced. There may have been one particular day resulting in a brief bout of tears while my boyfriend petted my head. (I want to be honest about this because I have been helped in the past by others being honest about challenges and dealing with them. Colloquially, it sucks.)

And now, for another year, it's over.

I have an event Friday and I don't have to dodge the "next year" question.

I can enjoy my sabbatical without beaming resumes out from afar.

I can develop the next step in the game plan.

This next job, and tax return, should dispense handily with outstanding loans. I don't yet know how much I'll bank but I have a $20K range and would be very surprised if it were very far outside. Yes, that's right, I didn't talk salary yet.

Even though I work contract to contract, this next job is key in upgrading my skill set in a way that makes what I earn not completely relevant. I know the ballpark will be near what I earned this year, an amount I was very comfortable with. I'm choosing to work at a specific place because I like the people there and I know I will be able to focus on my work rather than toxic politics. People underestimate this vastly, in my fairly green opinion.

I'll feel completely relieved when it's all hashed out, as I always do, but in the meanwhile things are looking pretty good in this crazy world.

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