Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Where we're gonna be when we turn 25" and other Existential Moments

A while ago someone pointed out the Baz Luhrman song about wearing sunscreen has reached the decade mark. I was in highschool when it first came out and incredibly envious of the graduating class who got to use the song in that yearbook and at their ceremony. It was way more profound than Vitamin C's Graduation (Friends Forever) which followed in 2000.

Today, recovering from the hostile interaction that prompted me to write the earlier post, I came across this gem.

As cliche as this sounds, I have found my mid twenties to be fairly life-defining for reasons related to many of the choices from that list. College is an experimental bubble with a lot of safety nets and easy opportunities, life after college has challenged my personal values and the choices are more definitive. It's possible to get your degree and lead a rather boring life for the next forty years as you wait to retire - there is no GPA requirement to graduate and no Dean's List in real life. At the same time, success is no longer a transcript or a set of extra curriculars and the ability to chart your own course and set your own mark is what's really profound.

Like DVF said to our girl Whitney Port on The City finale, "the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself." Or something really sage like that.

I like the list because realities (like financial responsibility and good health) exist alongside hard won wisdom (don't worry about the future) and practical advice about a life well lived (never stop learning).

A necessary set of objectives given I haven't yet found the job that "won't interfere with her tan."

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