Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guilty Pleasures on a Wednesday

The best things in life, for free (or almost). A Canadian edition.

(1) Body Shop skin samples, masks included, in perfect tiny plastic jars that beg to travel. Free.

(2) Tuesday iTunes singles. Free. The Current's song of the day podcast (Minneapolis-St Paul Public Radio). Free. Movies of the week, downloadable on iTunes, this week including Some Like It Hot, aka sexpot training. Ninety-nine cents.

(3) Television on demand from or Choice picks: Greek and Degrassi TNG (CTV), The City and Real World Brooklyn (MTV). Free. (I never claimed to be high brow)

(4) The NY Times Thursday Styles section. Free (via email).

(5) Complimentary snacks (and people watching) at any Fairmont in the afternoon, delivered by someone who understands gracious service. Free, assuming you order some kind of beverage.

(6) Mac's large organic coffee and giant pudding muffin, right now $2. Alternative: the mint oreo cappucino 7-11 is serving up puts fourbucks to shame. Under $2.

(7) Spritzes of department store fragrances mid afternoon. Free.

(8) Second-run midday matinees on Tuesday (there is nothing better than catching a movie in the middle of the day just because you can). $2-3.

(9) Weekend grocery store samples at Sobeys with your love affair. Free.

(10) Turkey Sub Monday at Subway, preferably on honey oat with extra banana peppers. $3.45.

May vary by location. Not guaranteed. Merely a reflection of my favorite things that are not at all expensive yet completely make my day.

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