Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Ready for Payday

After discovering the accounting error payroll made, my cheque this month gives me considerably more to work with on Friday. As always, I've already run the numbers and marked up a spreadsheet with cash in, cash out, and outstanding debits/credits.

I'll be glad when this month is over because it means the major expenses for winter are cleared (the wedding, international plane ticket, all transit around Easter) and paid for. There's something psychologically reassuring about that, hard numbers and transactions.

March is a really slow month - no long weekends, no trips to see my other, no events. I have a stack of books, some unwatched DVDs, plans for a yoga membership ($115), and a feeling it will be April before I know it. It's a good time to get finances in order, avoid frivolous spending and eat at home.

>> I adjusted vacation plans until something stuck and drew up estimates from that. Locking down a few more costs before leaving (i.e. by the end of March) would be ideal, I also need to make sure I'll have access to several sources of cash (for example, my credit card isn't cancelled while I'm gone)

>> I want to hold $1500 in my bank account from now until I switch financial institutions to get rid of plan fees. When my student line of credit is paid (liberal est: December 2009, or possibly after my tax return is filed depending on accounting), I'll probably switch to a credit union. I may even see if the credit union will transfer the remainder of my loan in the Fall

>> I need to make sure all my health and expense claims go through, preferably before May, because I'm worried about changing my address and losing cheques

>> It's the time of year to decide how to file taxes, gather documents and put the return together. I'm looking at filing online to expedite the refund process

>> In the next eight weeks I'd like to cash out the final rewards program benefit and eliminate any extra wallet cards

>> It's time to switch over my Medical Insurance

>> Spring cleaning... getting rid of excess and getting ready to move. I'm hoping my Dad visits in the next week so I can ship off some clothes and books for storage so when I move mid-April, it's a matter of a couple suitcases and nothing more

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