Monday, January 19, 2009

Twenty bucks in the bank and she's making a run for it: welcome

Networth - negative $20K exactly
Debt - $23K
Assets - $3K

Because I'm a recent grad, assets refers to: a no risk fund, some outstanding reimbursements (aka accounts owing), and my bank balance. No car, no house, no kids.

I'm still trying to figure out some long term goals, but in the short term I'm planning on taking three months off when my current situation is up to go live elsewhere. Although that's only technically true - I'm planning on being able to finance it without supplement but actually looking at some streams of income to lessen the impact. Depending on what's going on in my personal life by the time those three months are up, I may end up staying abroad for awhile.

MOST INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT OF THE WEEK: one of my student loans has disappeared. I went to check the status online and it said I currently had no loan with them. Because important financial information still gets sent to a more permanent address, I have no idea what's happened. Bank error in my favor? If only.

MOST ANNOYING FINANCIAL PREDICAMENT: this weekend there's a birthday party for someone I'm not all that sure I like that involves a $50 beauty treatment and then dinner/bar hopping that will easily run another $50. I'd like to cancel but it really would be a special kind of social suicide with a key career contact.

Stay tuned, pfsphere.

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