Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guerilla Chef - Breakfast Edition

I "borrowed" two eggs from my roommate and made a pepper, cheese and sun dried tomato omelet (cooked in a little sambal olek and olive oil), served with toast and jam.

Yesterday, I paid homage to the spirit of British grandmothers past and had beans on toast for dinner - seriously underrated UK comfort food. I had allowed myself a reprieve and bought lunch after bringing lunch most of the week. And, someone made muffins and left them in the coffee room for breakfast.

To Summarize Grocery Ban: I ate out twice (dinner, lunch), and otherwise relied on what I had to great success, probably making more interesting things than I otherwise would have. I gave in and bought some soy milk and bread, and borrowed a couple eggs. Despite this, a lot of random food remains. Vegetarian curries and veggie dogs with saurkraut are on the horizon next week. I'm going to stop updating what exactly I'm making from what's left - I've figured out enough to know that I need to stop collecting food until I use what I have.

I'm lifting the grocery ban for some fresh produce on Monday. I'm considering unofficially joining Krystal's February Food Challenge to replace the grocery ban. The wrinkle four days I'm spending with old friends at a wedding - with a USD exchange rate. This February, for those who like precision and symmetry, is a perfect calendar month. I'd like to think I could do $25 per week plus $25 per day for the trip - a total of $200, but I'm not completely sure this is possible and I won't resort to any kind of deprivation exercise to make the point. As you will notice, if you've read any of the grocery ban entries, I like interesting food with decent ingredients... however, being able to cut my expenses down significantly over the next four months is not only padding my bank account but good prep for living on no income when I'm away. I'll definitely be checking out who's taken the challenge on (with low limits).

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